Think Twice News: Episode VI – Defiance Tea Party, July 4th, 2009

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Note from 2016: This event was at the beginning of the tea party movement, before it became what it is today (kind of a joke).

We check in with the Tea Party in Defiance, Ohio, on July 4th, 2009, to see if there’s any freedom to be found. Answer- Yeah.

Jim Babka of,
Dr. Nikolai Wenzel of Hillsdale College
Sharon Osborne, liberty activist, and Pamela Clark of New Heights Educational Group, inc.


Think Twice Bits – Piggy Patrol Bums Out Freedom Lovers. Think Twice News Producer gets hassled by the local Fuzz, in Defiance, Ohio.

Sharon Osborne tells us what we can do
A two-part speech from Sharon Osborne, liberty activist, who share ten actions that you can take, in your own life, to bring liberty and freedom from tyrants.
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